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L’ECOTIERE – 49 125 CHEFFES ( France )
Tél. : 02 41 42 14 14 – Fax : 02 41 42 16 12
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Specialized fruit crop consulting
Bruno Billotte
Ingénieur INH Angers ( Engineer of the National Institute of Horticulture)

ARBO CONSEIL created in 1985.

Consulting services provided mainly in Europe and Morocco

Services :

Technical and economical advising in fruit crop production.
Business Audit, contractual follow-up advising, project studies and other services upon demand.

Services offered for the following plant species:
  • Stone fruit
  • Soft fruit,
  • Small fruit such as Blueberries, raspberries

Area of Expertise:
  • Orchard conception design
  • Orchard managment, including :
    • Tree form
    • Updating information regarding new varieties
    • Techniques for regulating the fruit production of apple trees by mechanical and chemical thinning processes.
    • Control of efficiency and quality of production
    • Integrated fruit production
    • Irrigation management and evaluation of systems for stone fruit, soft fruit and small fruit
    • Fruit wall system
  • Apple organic production
  • Small fruit

Professional Achievements :
  • 1986-1992, technical and economical studies of apple varieties created by Delbard nurseries.
  • 1992, founding member of the first variety club, Club Delbard Jubilé ®, dedicated to the Jubilé apple variety.
  • 1992-1996, founding member, organizer of Club Delbard Jubilé ® and quality follow-up
  • Founding member of the variety club, Club Tentation ®
  • Founding member, organizer of Club Tentation ® during the first three years of organization
  • Collaborator for « Le Cahier de Culture de Veiltec » software, recognized by the profession in France as the reference for traceability fruit crops.
  • Since 1999, research study in the managment of apple production by using fruit wall in order to reduce labor costs
  • Technical adviser for Europe, club HONEY CRUNCH (Honeycrisps)
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